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Mahurangi Olives is an olive grove in the Mahurangi Harbour, surrounded by wineries and gently rolling hills and situated 60km north of Auckland, NZ. The grove encompasses 1000 mature olive trees through seven different olive varietals which include Frantoio, Ascolano, Leccino, Pendolino, Koroneiki, Picual and J5, all contributing to create the award winning Matakana Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Our olive trees also provide the leaves for olive leaf tea and the olive oil for our all natural and gentle range of products for the body (soaps, lip balms and creams).

The olive grove is home to Mahurangi Olives Pottery Studio producing homeware and naturally fired ceramics.

Our philosophy at Mahurangi Olives is to make the most of what the grove's natural landscape has to offer: from our olive trees, to our happy bees, to our wood fired ceramics.

Everything we do at Mahurangi Olives is handcrafted with passion, love and dedication and within the ethos of living sustainably and in harmony with nature.

Come and visit us to learn more about what we do.

Olive Oil
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Mahurangi Olives is integral part of Matakana Olive Coop which produces one of the region's leading extra virgin olive oils. The boutique quality of this operation which is run from Mahurangi Olives Red Sheds and the attention to detail that the production of a truly artisan olive oil requires, makes the award winning Matakana Extra Virgin Olive Oil one of New Zealand's most premium extra virgin olive oils.

You can taste and buy some of this delicious award winning olive oil directly from us by appointment or on www.matakanaolivecoop.co.nz

Come and see us at Matakana Village Farmers Market every saturday morning where we sell direct or buy online NOW from Matakana Olive Coop STORE



David & Isabella Sullivan

owners of Mahurangi Olives